Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jaxon's Child like Faith

My son Jaxon has been wanting to go to Africa ever since we started our adoption process. Justin and I chose not to take our kids with us on the first trip to meet Aboss for a couple of different reasons. One being that flights are so expensive we just could not afford it.. Second being  we wanted to give Aboss extra love while we were there and him be our main focus at this time.
We skyped with the kids several times while there and they got to "meet" their new brother. They were always all smiles!! Not really sure what to say to each other :) but you could see the excitement. Before our trip I let the kids record A video for Aboss to watch! They practiced saying "I love you " in Twi( his language). Aboss watched those videos over and over and over! His eyes would get so big and a smile from ear to ear when they said "mendo".."I love you"

They can Not wait to meet their brother.. Jaxon has been begging me to go back with me to get him... Aubrey not so much just because she can barely make it on a 30 min car ride.. She would never make it.. Plus she told me if Jaxon goes she will get to have lots of Daddy time all to her self :)

Justin and I kept telling Jaxon that we can't afford for him to go.. I am just going because we can't afford for Justin and I to go...

Well Jaxon came to me the other day and said that he wanted to earn money to go to Africa and he would put all his savings toward it. He has started chores and does them happily... I told him I would give him $10 a week.. Which will not come anywhere close to what he needs to go. So he told me he wanted  ask our neighbors if he could mow their lawn. He has been think of every way to earn money. 
He said mom I have been praying that I can go! He really believes that God will provide a way. 
Well buddy mommy is going to pray for that too! So we are stepping out of Faith that God will provide. Tomorrow we have an appointment in Dallas to gets his passport. 

We are stepping out on faith that not only will God provide financially HE will also allow all the "paperwork" a yellow fever )which is another story in its self as when he found out he had to get shot he didn't think he could go ... He spent a day struggling with that fact butthen  came to me and said that he could do it!!) to be completed before we have to leave.  We are looking at going probably in 3-5 weeks. So not much time to raise $2000

If you feel it in your heart to give to "Jaxon's Africa Fund" let me know. He will be so thankful! 


But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. (James 1:6 NIV)

He can receive donations by my pay pal at   ...  comment Jaxon's Africa Fund

Or by check to 

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