Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Post of Praise and Thanks

Where do I begin.....
 The past month and a half have been pretty amazing and ALL the Glory goes to God! The First of April we got our First "bill" from our adoption agency....the balance they needed was the first $5,000 of the $30,000 this was to start our home study and continue with our Adoption Process.That's when it became real that wow we are really doing we better get busy!  I had already been thinking about selling T-shirts, so my long time friend Dana Schafer(who is the owner of a T-shirts screening company inn Edmond, Ok) and I finished up our T-shirt Designs.So our Fundraising began!!I thought that I had a plan that would earn us our $5,000 with T-shirt sells. We needed to sell 400 T-shirts.. Well the plan did not work,we only sold 150, but God still had a plan. *I want to thank my friends and family for helping me sell the T-shirts.. (weather you sold 1 shirt or 20 It means so much to me that you cared enough to try!!)  They alone sold over 60 Shirts!! Yay for Friends and family!!! I also want to give a big thanks to everyone that bought a Rock!

The rest of God's Plan........
One Sunday night I was sitting on the couch thinking about fundraiser Ideas....thinking "Can we really do this??".I mean $30,000 is A LOT of money... Well I'm not sure why I was even thinking if"we(Justin  and I)" can do this, because there is no way we can do any thing without God! "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strenght." Phillippians 4:13 While sitting there my phone rang.....It was one of the owners of Champion Tumbling and Cheer here in Ada. He was telling me about an event that his Gym holds every year called the I AM Third meet. This meet is about putting God first, Others second, and themselves last.. During this meet they raise money for different Charities. They had already had a charity lined out, but at last minute they could not do it.. so they wanted to help us raise money for our adoption! Of course we were more than happy to accept!!! The meet was going to be the coming up Saturday! WOW, God is good... I called my mom told her the great news! She then suggested that we have a bake sale! I told her it sounds great....but I'm am not sure I will have time to bake( it was a busy week).So her and my sister baked for three days!!! Love them!!! I have the BEST mom and sister in the world... I must add that my sister had just had her first baby the week before!   The meet went great and Champion raised $1,350 for us!!! Thank you to everyone from Champion that had the meet happen!!!

Well with both of these fundraisers we were still short of the $5,000 that we needed. I called our agency and asked them if you could just pay the home study fee ($1,500) and get that started?!?!? They told us no that we would need the whole$5,000. We were bummed. Justin and I decided that we would throw together a Garage Sale! So we asked for donation and where over whelmed with the support of our friends and the donations they gave! We decided to have it on a Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday. During our planning I got an e-mail form our agency that said they had great news!! The Case worker for our case was coming to Ada on Saturday(this was a Thursday) and she wanted to get ours started!!! YAY! so we paid our $1,500 fee that day and two days later we started our Home study... This was so exciting because if this was not completed we could not move on.
The next week our Garage Sale went underway and we raised $1,800!!! God is so Good! Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen!!!!

Here is the amazing part!!! In a month and a half with the donations of some amazing people and our Fundraisers, God blessed us with $7,400 for our Adoption!!! That is just crazy!!! I am not sure why I ever worry....because I know my GOD will ALWAYS provide!!

We will have to have another $5,800 (well $4,400) very soon but I know God will provide!! Be looking for our next fundraisers! A few are already in the works!!! I am very excited about them!!

More details to follow!!!!