Saturday, January 26, 2013


From: Joely O'Neal

Thank you to everyone who helped us in raising the funds for the Deason family. Whether you have been praying for them, bought tickets, or helped spread the word, they have been truly blessed by you all! We needed to raise $2,500 for them to get them to Ghana next month to meet their little boy and have their court date and did we do it?????????

No, we didn't...we raised $2,720!!!!! God knew the amount this family really needed and that is what was provided because they just had to spend $200 on their visas so they now still have that $2,500 to go towards getting to Ghana!

You can read all about this sweet family and where they are in their journey at the Deason Family Blog.

And now for the winners..........
all entries were entered into Excel and numbers assigned...there were 346 entries and 13 prizes to be won. Then all numbers were entered into and going down the list in order we got the winners.....see below each picture to find out who won.

5th Generation iPod Touch 32 GB in lime green!!!! Given to the fundraiser by a very sweet anonymous donor. ($299 value) Ilena Varner

Kindle Fire HD 16 GB ($199 value) Charity Teal

2 OKC Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks tickets for Feb. 4th (over $180 Value) The Denson Family

Cuisinart Pure Indulgence™ 2 Qt. Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker ($90 value). Kami Weems

Thirty-One Making Memories Thermal (14.25"H x 13.75"W x 15"D) Collapsible telescoping handle, wheels for easy transportation in Minty Chip and Jersey Blankey in Oatmeal (60"L x 55"W). ($189 value) Courtney Folsom

Handmade Rag Rug by Leanne to place in front of your kitchen sink and keep your feet very comfy. Kirsten Priest

2 kids size large adoption t-shirts ($30 value) Tiffany Anderson

Uganda package (1 necklace, 1 scarf and 1 bracelet) ($40 value) Julia Leinen

2, ITWorks Body Wraps ($60 value) Corie Perry

Jack Black, 6 grooming essentials/travel dopp kit ($65 value) Shannon Rowe

Baby Gift Set, book, burp cloth, bath and body skin care ($78 Value) Mandy Waters

2 handmade scarves ($30 value) Ashley Barrett

3 handmade necklaces ($60 value) Megan Hackbarth

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adoption update... Raffle update with a crazy twist

Just finished reading through our Travel Packet!! Everything is so surreal right now!!! I can’t believe that we will soon(hopefully in February) be on a plane to meet our son!!! Someone pinch me please!! Ok, Thanks! I am so excited to meet him....pass court then finally show off his cuteness to everyone.

Now on to the not so fun part…. MONEY! I hate that word. I hate the hold that money can have on people.. the control it can have… It honestly almost stopped us from following God’s plans for us… his adoption plans… I said “There is no way we could raise/save $30,000 to adopt from Africa God are you crazy? *If you want a break down of why it cost so much I would gladly share* It took a lot of praying and talking to God for him to finely tell me that “No WE can’t.. but that HE would provide.” I was then ashamed of me putting God in a box…He is way bigger than $30,000.. He has actually blown our socks off and had blessed us with over $15,000 plus so far. Can you say “wow”! . I am in awe of the people that have given, But better than that, the story behind their “Why” they felt lead to help us with our adoption. I have also loved the people we have met along the way..the “I have adopted…”, “I have always want to adopt”, “We are praying about adoption”, “I was adopted..”, “Tell me more about your adoption” kind of people!! I also know that none of this could have been possible without all the prayer warriors I have on our side! Prayer is a powerful tool! The most powerful one I know.

For our next step to happen, which is getting on a plane to meet our son we need to raise/save $2,500

This journey has been a roller coaster with lots of up and a lot of downs, but I know when I hold our little one(s) my arms it will all be worth it! Here is a little song… It brings tears to my eyes, happy and sad. For I know that there so many Kings and Queens out there needing a forever family…but happy tears because I have got to witness some of those Kings and Queens get their forever Family! Listen if you want to...

Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline

So since Money is the last thing I really want to be talking about and raising…. We are going to have a little fun with it! So how about an online Raffle with lots of prizes to win!?!?!?!?

And here is the twist....... My crazy friend, Joely O'Neal, who I love so much has thought that this would be fun take upon herself to take over this fundraiser and help us!? Which I am soooo thankful for... But she is not going to let us in on how much money we have raised until the Raffle is over!! I hesitantly agreed :)... I'll going to give this to God and trust he will supply our need.It's going to be fun.... Or I'll be a crazy person by the end... Whichever, Let the fun begin!

Here are the details:

Its an online raffle. We have a few items so far and are looking for some more so if you would like to donate something for this, please let me or Joely O'Neal know every little bit helps and will be MUCH appreciated!
So here's how it all works....
*You can buy raffle tickets for $10 each or discounted for multiple tickets:
3 tickets = $25
6 tickets = $50
9 tickets = $75
12 tickets = $100
....and so on.....
*We will give each buyer a number for their ticket and at the end we will place all numbers into to pick the winners. Yes there will be multiple winners because each prize will have its own recipient.

*Tickets can be purchased through Januray 25th at midnight and the winners will be announced on January 26th

* If you have purchased at least ONE ticket, you can also get additional tickets by helping us get the word out. You can do this by Facebook, Twitter or post about it on your own blog and then let us know that you did and we'll get you your numbers. So please share, share, share!

*Tickets can be purchased via PayPal using the "Buy Now" button on our blog at I do not have any info/passwords to this account.... so it will be a surprise! You may also do so by mailing us a check (e-mail me for our address) or in person(I won't peak and give it to Joely) :)

Here is our email addresses- or

Now for the Prizes……..We will update as new prizes are added.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adoption Fundraiser Raffle for..... 2 OKC Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks tickets

We are having a Raffle for 2 tickets to the OKC Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks on February 4th, to help raise money for our trip to meet our Son!!!

We are expecting to travel in the next month!!! Eek! I cant beleive that it is almost here!! I can not wait to hold our son in my arms! 
In order for this trip to happen without any hold ups, we need to come up with $2,500! So we are thundering up with a fun give away!!! Go Thunder!!

Here is the Info:

What are you buying chances for?
2 tickets to the OKC Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks game on Feburary 4th at 7pm!
(Value $180 plus...based on ticket prices online)

When does it start and finish?
Donations will be accepted January 3rd-January 25th..ending at Midnight.

How can you donate-enter a chance to win tickets?
Donations will be accepted by may use the donate button on the blog.Please indicate your contact information and reference it for the Thunder ticket raffle/giveaway.
$25= 3 entries
$50= 6 entries
You may also donate by contacting me at and I can give you my information to send a check.

How is the winner selected?
For every entry purchaced your name will be put in the drawing that many times. After January 25th we will use to generate the winner. 

Who can donate?

Anyone! If you love orphans, donate. If you love OkC Thunder donate. Even if you love the Dallas Mavericks..Donate!             

Please email, Facebook, tweet, tell everyone you know about our raffle!
Thank you so much for helping us bring our little guy home!        

We are SO excited! Let the fun begin and Good Luck!