Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prayers Needed

1.       Our Son

It is hard for us to know that our son is suffering, without anyone to hold him, and to tell him they love him. We are ready to show him how much love we have to offer. We are excited that he is going to be part of our family. Pray for comfort and peace for him. Pray that he is getting his basic needs met. Pray that he knows the Love of Jesus and they we are trying everything in our power to get to him as quick as possible..

2.       Our Family-

This Journey is going to long and hard. We want you to pray for strength for whatever obstacles that come our way. Pray for peace as we are waiting on our addition into our family. Pray for Jaxon and Aubrey in their new journey.

3.       Funds-

The total cost of our adoption is estimated to be around $30,000, this covers agency fees, country fees, USCIS fees, home study, updates, travel, and all that is required to be able to adopt. Yes I did say $30,000! We have no Idea where this money is going to come from, but we know that God is in control of it. Please pray that this need is met so we can bring our son home without any delays.

A Father's Letter

We want to share with you a new chapter in our family lives. Currently we are expecting to adopt from Ghana which is a small country located in Africa. Dillon International is a Christian non-profit organization that will work beside us in our adoption process. We have done a lot of research on Dillon International, finished our application, and seminar with them. We are excited about our new friendship with Dillon International and feel they can contribute towards a new step in our lives.

We’ll it all started in the spring of 2011. We both have family members that have adopted and found ourselves exploring the idea of adding a new family member. We felt God was motivating us to read scripture, speak with friends, family, and our church in this new passion. We both decided that we should go through the foster adoption process. During that period, we learned a lot. We went to classes during the summer and continued to pray about this new Journey. We had almost finished the process in October, when Autumn went off for her second mission trip. This time she headed out to Africa. The intent was for her to become closer to God and teach children more about the word of God. Well Autumn learned a lot from those little angels. Even though they were poor they were very happy for the few things they had received. She said,” you could really see the Lord all over the place. HE would provide when there was no thought it could be done.” The experience changed her life and allowed her to become closer with the Lord.  During that time our family became closer to the Lord as well. Remember October is football season!

When Autumn came back from the mission trip I notice there was something different in her. Each day she prayed that the Lord would help deal with her new emotion. We prayed together and she spoke with me in her passion in Africa. We were currently about to finish our adoption here but I really felt in my heart that the Lord wanted us to go in a different direction. I asked her if she was thinking the same way and she responded very quickly “me to”. We were certainly scared about this new journey but you got to have a little faith right.

We have prayed a lot during this process, reading biblical books, and going to classes. We have definitely changed during our time together, growing closer to God and each other every year. We want the Lord to change us into the person HE wants us to become. While I have been slowly learning and growing, I have continued thinking in my mind, if your child was out there all alone, wouldn’t you hope someone would take care of him? Well my answer is,” Yes” I would. I know Autumn will and if that is what the Lord wants us to do, then HE will direct us and has. I’m excited about this new child. I don’t know how we are going to manage it all but hey, I already have a defense full of children to take care of, what is one more? We have plenty of love for another child. It is amazing to see the path the Lord has in mind for our family. I would be the first to tell you I would have never imagined anything like this. I can tell you that I have faith in God. I truly believe the Lord has blessed us and I’m very thankful for all that he has done. What an amazing ride!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not a Real Blogger!

Okay so I really feel like I need to start of by apologizing! I really need to read a book on how to do this whole blog thing! Is there a "Blog for Dummies" book????So bare with me as I am in the learning process!!

So where do I begin? I am doing this blog, honestly for myself. I thought this would be a place that I could come and share my feeling and thoughts about our adoption process as well as keep anyone that might be interested updated! :) I am so excited about the Jounery that God has lead us to, as well as scared to death of the ALL the unknows. But I have great hope and strength knowing that God will be leading us and by our side the whole way!! I have heard that this is going to be a jounrey like no other. So here we go..........Let the Journey begin.