Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting to Feel Complete

On Thursday June 21st my phone rang... long story short(which I just backed spaced ), it was our case worker telling us she had a referral for us.........what???? I was in total shock... I was not expecting this at could this happen so soon. immediately i started shaking..... my heart was pounding...I went numb for a sec... I then snapped together and answered with ..."Really!!!...What do I do now? She then began to tell me that there was a little boy (3-4 years old) that they thought matched of family! She said that he was full of life and out going. She then had to walk me through what to do next..She was sending me the referral via email...

It seemed like I waited forever to get my email to pull up(stupid old computer)... during the mean time  I was pacing the floors and trying not to cry ...FINALLY.. The email opens and there He is!!! His smile shot straight through to my heart!! I was numb! This was the child that God had been preparing our hearts for!!! My emotions were everywhere. Justin was at work and was on his way home for lunch... he could not get here fast enough. As he walked through the door... everything was so surreal... was this really happening.. Together we got to just stare at our son's picture as our hearts were being changed forever!

Its been two months and our hearts grows bigger and bigger everyday for our little one. The wait gets longer and longer as we are waiting on a court date to finally get to go meet the him.  we think about him every second of the day. We are so ready to be a family of five.... Until he is home a piece of us will be missing.

We are ready for our hearts and home to feel complete!