Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adoption Update

I am horrible at updating my blog! I guess it's a combination of wanting it to sound "perfect"and not having enough time to make it sound "perfect". I'm just going to kick "perfect" aside and just type.

In February we got to meet our son!

 Man was it amazing...wonderful....glorious...emotional...scary....crazy..so may feelings rolled together! The biggest feeling was love! He has the biggest personality! Such a sweet little boy and strong willed all at the same time. He attached to us right off.We could not get out of his sight with out him having a melt down.. If Justin walked out of the room to go get water... He would sit at the door and cry until he came back....we had to be all together all the time. 
Here are a few pics to recap our trip:

Our first time to meet him.

He feel asleep in my lap on the way to the hotel after picking him up from the orphanage.

He LOVED is moto and carried it everywhere.....

Along with these 3 cars... He is cleaning them. He did not like to get his toys dirty... It was kinda hard to play soccer in the sand.. Lol.

Daddy being a pongo"horse" in the water!

Us being silly... He will fit right into our family!:)

He always picked me flowers.. He is such a sweetheart. 

There's that thumb again.. In about 99% of his pictures he has his thumb up.. 

He loves the swings.

Us enjoying the ocean.. Man was it a beautiful place... It was like we weren't in Africa.... Outside those hotel doors was another world....

 These are a few of the pictures where Aboss was from. I went up and down these streets with tears streaming down my face... I have no idea what his life was like there. I wonder what happened to his mom and dad... Are they still alive? How could they abandon him and leave him on the streets at only 3 years old?!? 
I heart hurts as one day I know he will be asking me those same questions...

We passed court.. His first day to be a Deason!:)

Justin and I on a canopy walk or should I say hike!! Aboss was going to go with us, but he just woke up from a nap and was cranky.. And refused to go with us.So he stayed with our attorney,Boat.Thank goodness because there is no way he could of hikes up the hills to get there.. As we reach the top we get a phone call from Boat. Aboss was having a fit because he wanted us.. So I get on the phone with him... I tell h I will be back soon.. He just kept saying "mommy come back.. Mommy come back" over and over again" make me happy that his missed us..we get back and he is in the front of the taxi pretending to drive. Boat said to get him to stop crying he told him he could "drive" the taxi! He was smiling from ear to ear!

Aboss washed his socked in the pool then laid them out to dry all by himself..

I have so many other stories I will share one day.. It was amazing. I miss him so much.. 

Since then our journey to get him home has been well not so easy! We have hit lots of road bumps.. Well just a few but they are taking forever to get corrected! We received his birth certificate but Justin and I's names were spelled wrong. :( just a simple typo and it has been 3 months and we still don't have it corrected!
This whole waiting thing is wearing on me. There is nothing we can do, but wait..
I told Justin it might be easier to change our names!
I know God has everything under control and his timing is perfect. Honestly if he were to be home now life could be crazy as We are still trying to get moved down to Texas... Another paper work mess up! Could be up to 6 weeks before we move. We are praying for God to work a miracle and for it to be this week! Justin has been gone since February.. Everyday gets harder not to be together as a family! We are stronger as individuals when we are together. I often wonder what Gods reasoning is behind all this wait time. I guess I need to get rid of my bad attitude about it all and let him reveal it to me. Just so ready for the 5 of us to be together and under one roof. I do count my blessings as we are all healthy and alive. With the devastation from the Tornados this past week... It really puts thing into perspective. My heart aches for the families that will not get to see their loved ones again..
As we sit here and wait for things to fall into place...I will be counting my blessings and praying hard for my sweet boy to be home soon. 

I read this quote the other day: " Our attempts to rush God's timing can spoil the beauty of His plans for our lives"

I can't wait until I can look back and see God's perfect provision and plan. My Trust is in The Lord.

Psalms 37:7-

I can't wait for everyone to meet Aboss. 

Please be in prayer for our family:
1. That we get settled into our house SOON!!!! It's been a toll on us. We really want to be settled before Aboss gets here. 
2. That the paper work gets corrected and we can move to the final step to get him home.
3. For 1 to work out fast so it doesn't slow 2 down!! 

Thanks everyone!
Love The Deason's

Another update:
Since I wrote this. Aboss's birth certificate has been corrected!!yay! 

Now we need to get into our house! We have moves down to Texas, because we could be away from Justin any longer!! We are not living in a condition to where we could bring Aboss home too. As it is not stable( and here and there) 
Please please pray Hard that our housing situation will be resolved "like yesterday"
I will be crushed if they tell us we can go get him, but we can't because we are not in a house right now. We have to have an updated home study since we won't be living in the same house our home study in.. As of right now we are pretty much homeless:(