Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wake up People


Today I yet again watched a video about a boy in Foster Care that just wants a Family.... A Family that's it. Someone to love him and care for him.

Do you ever just want to shout "WAKE UP PEOPLE" or is that just me? By no means is this a judgement post, more like an educational post, because trust me I once needed a wake up call! Have you ever heard " what you don't know won't hurt you"??? Who came up with that stupid saying?
Do you know that there are 147 million orphans in the world? No? Did you know that Jesus tell us to care for orphans? No? Well now you do. See! Not knowing these facts is harmful in so many ways.

So here is my story about my wake up call.
 I was blessed that someone cared enough about me(and Jesus) to wake me up! 
About 4.5 years ago I went to a Falls creek women's conference. There I was little 'ol me just ready to have some me time, a break from the stress of life. Little did I know that the small world I was living in would be Interrupted!
I went into that weekend feeling pretty good about my whole "Christian" status. I loved Jesus, knew he loved me, I was going to church, reading my bible, going to bible studies, tithing 10%, helping with youth at church, doing my monthly rotation in the nursery, listening to K-Love and Air1... You know all the things that "Christians" do. 

Then it happened! I was sitting in my seat at the conference when in walked the next speaker, Jenn Hatmaker. Then Bam! Just like that(well an hour later) I was looking at my life thinking "what the heck? I am I really a Christian?" I mean I thought I was. Like I said,  I loved Jesus, knew he loved me, I was going to church, reading my bible, going to bible studies, tithing 10%, helping with our youth, doing my monthly rotation in the nursery, praying, listening to KLove and Air1... You know all the things that "Christians" do. 

By the way if you have not read her book Interrupted go order it now here!
Interrupted-by Jenn Hatmaker
*WARNING- It's life changing

That same day in a break out session the speakers lesson was over Revelations 3:16 "so since you are Luke warm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth"

Let me just let you in on the conversation that was going on inside my head......."What?!? Hold up!! Am I Luke  warm??? Surely I'm not luke warm...... Oh my goodness!!  I'm luke warm! I am about (thanks for the warning) to be spit out of God's mouth? "

Well I don't know about you but when I spit something out of my mouth it's not because I like it. It's because I'm about to get sick because I'm not picky I will eat pretty much anything. I don't believe in being picky, only thankful.

What do I do now? I don't want to be spit out of God's mouth.  Well my mind and heart dove into the word of God and in serious prayer. I asked Jesus to help me NOT be Luke warm! What am I missing? Like I said,  I loved Jesus, knew he loved me, I was going to church, reading my bible, going to bible studies, tithing 10%, helping with our youth, doing my monthly rotation in the nursery, praying, listening to KLove and Air1... You know all the things that "Christians" do.  
But that's just it... I was just going through the motions. 

So I started praying for God to change my heart, to give me his eyes, his ears.......To Break my heart for what breaks his. Start standing up for what really matters. 
  A beautiful transformation , not only for me but for my family went on for several months. 

I recently shared on FB the time hop for October 16th 4 years ago.  
That trip was part of my transformation. I came home from that trip and have never been the same. My view about living in America sifted. I cried for almost two months every time I could use hot water, drink clean water, turn on the lights, put on clean clothes, eat, wear shoes with holes, turned in my heated seats in my car, drove my car, went to Walmart and saw the abundance of thing that no one "needs", I never had actually ever really needed God for my basic needs.  I felt like a complete brat. The whole American Dream became an American Nightmare to me. It scared me that people were chasing the American Dream instead of God Heart. It scared me that I too had been brain washed into chasing it as well.
 While I believe that God gives us thing to bless others with(house,cars) we have to make sure you are not chasing that American Dream and forgetting what's most important. Did you know that if you make $50k a year you are in the top 1% of of the income earners in the world?  See! I told you that was a stupid saying!
I started using the whole "starving children in Africa" on my children, but in a whole new meaning! 
My poor kids.....Well not really I don't feel sorry for them. Yes I want them to have an amazing childhood, but I don't want their child hood to be about all the things of  this world that do not matter. I want them to be happy have joy in their lives and with out Jesus there is no Joy. I want them to feel loved and know how to love. 

 I believe that true love and passion for people is how to change the world. There are so many scriptures through out the bible that command us to love one another. 

Romans 12:10 is one of my favorites-
 Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. 10Love each other with genuine affection,e and take delight in honoring each other.

So here is your Wake up call and remember it's only because I Love you and Jesus loves you more! *push play
Do you care on the level that God cares? Are you willing to take a stand for our king and his glory?

 When I meet Jesus one day I want him to say job well done! Way to run that race! I'm pretty sure he will not be applauding me for the bible studies and church services  I attended. You will never change the world by going to church we must be the church. We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

And trust me You don't have to go to Africa to start being the church , loving on people, or caring for orphans. People are hurting everywhere around us. There are orphans, lost and broken people in your very own city! You  only need to go next door(do you know your neighbors? -Matthew 22:39), the grocery store, your child's classroom, sporting events, even church. 

I pray that the Holy Spirit will ignite a fire in us, allowing God to work in our hearts and start taking a stand for what really matters in this world.  
James 1:27 say: Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
That verse was not just written for me, but everyone. We are all called. 
There should be NO orphans in this world, especially in our very own cities! 
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