Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Time!! We need your help!!

$1000 left to raise! God is so good!! 2 hours left!! 

Update: 07/22/2013
$3780 left to raise!! Ends tomorrow at midnight!! Nothing like having to rely on FAITH and FAITH alone, because HE is the only one that can make this happen! 

  We are still waiting for a visa interview. We are still requesting July 29th but not sure they will grant us that. It could be August 4th. Depending on when they set our Visa appoint will determine if we will be in attendance. Booking last minute flights is way out of our budget. We have faith the God will work out all these details. 
Right now we need prayer for a visa interview! Please pray that one is set ASAP. 
Then once it is set... Pray for an approval!!!! I am claiming in Jesus' name that it is already done. He WILL get approved! 

Here is a new pic I got yesterday! 
Ready for his cuteness to come enjoy the summer with us before school starts. 

Hey guys! Well I have some awesome news and some overwhelming news!
Awesome  news first!!
Its time to pick up Aboss! 

overwhelming news... we still need $5954 in order to do that! 

We are picking up his visa Packet today! Asking for Visa interview for July 29th.

Normally you wait until visa interview is given an approval and visa is printed to go pick them up.. So this  would mean if all goes well we would be picking him up around August 4th.

Well right now there has been a lot of cases go into "review" at the visa stage... Which then in turn is taking about another 60-90 days to complete. 

Our agency called me yesterday and said that it seems that the reason these cases are going into review is because the families are not there at the Visa interview! No one knows for sure. We have to make a decision  wether or not to go to the Visa interview which would mean that we will need to fly out July 27th. Only a week and half away!!

The only risk is that there is a chance it could still go into "review".. Things have been so shaking there lately. 

We are talking to our agency today about what to do!

Please pray for guidance and peace about what Justin and I should do. The risk being we could get there. Get denied or put into review and having to take Aboss back to the orphanage and leave Africa with out him. I'm not sure my heart can take that.

Also please pray for the Financial burden we need to come up with in less than a week if God is telling us we need to be there. 

I am going to throw together yet another fundraiser. Like I mention we still need $5459 to make this all happen. Flights are crazy expensive and with is moving to Texas fees have gone up:( 

We will have a raffle for your choice or either a mini IPad or electric scooter..
Your choice.. We will ship it to your house. 
Details below. 

Fundraising has been the biggest downer for me. It's something that I struggle with.. I hate asking for $. With that said I have to trust that God will provide. 

I'll keep you updated! Thanks you guys for your support! I'm beyond ready for this all to be over and Aboss to be here!! With out you guys and The Lord there is NO way we could get through this. This journey has been so hard... Yet such a blessing!! 

God bless each and every one of you,
Love, The Deason's 
Miss this little guy!
                    Raffle Details
Raffle will be for your choice of a Mini IPad or electric scooter. 


We only have a week.. I will keep everyone updated!
Raffle will end July 24th at midnight! Winner will be drawn July 25th at 10am I will use to pick winner. 

You may purchase tickets by using PayPal

*There is a link on our blog where you can purchase tickets... Click on donate button..  You will have to click web version at the bottom of your screen to see it if you are on your phone.*

Or send check to 
1317 Edna Street
Commerce, Tx 75428

I will post daily the amount still needed! 

Love you All! 

Electric scooter 


Your choice! Item will be mailed to your house. 

New item added:
Custom made Rag rug by LeAnne Penny

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